The City Thanks our Traffic GuardsMay 2017 Page 6 The City Thanks our Traffic Guards During the monthly board meeting on May 16, former Alderman Bennie Greene recognized the City’s traffic guards. He expressed gratitude for their service in keeping the school traffic flowing smoothly every morning and afternoon. Mr. Greene gave special recognition to Ms. Betty Beard for 7 years of service to the City.

Thank you, ladies, for your dedication!

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for our National Day of Prayer Breakfast. We also met at the flagpole in the Newbern Triangle Park and prayed for our country. We appreciate your support and are looking forward to seeing you next year!

Thank you for making our Easter Egg hunt a huge success! The City and the Newbern Lions club hope you had a great time, and we are looking forward to next year!

(From Days Past Sidetrack... Lynn Willis and I do a lot of research on things we find. This often leads us to lengthy conversations and sometimes we find really, really strange things. Like This...)


The Jim Harber Story gives great details about another New Mexico saucer railway transport in 1949. In the summer of 1949, Jim Harber was eleven years old and lived on a farm in Newbern, Tennessee. The Illinois Central Railroad ran right through town. Jim’s fascination with steam engines once got him in the dog house when he hopped up on one of the freight trains that was sided at the local depot. It seems the train conductor caught him and paddled his behind good and proper, leaving him with a healthy dose engraved memory of the preceding events.

The Newbern Depot Museum held a very successful first - ever indoor yard sale in the depot's freight room, on the morning of April 1st, and on two other evening times. The sale generated around $500 for the depot museum. This is a tremendous success. We appreciate all who donated items, and all who came out to the sale. Proceeds from the event went to various museum projects, including the replacement of 40 - to 60 - year - old O - scale locomotives on the front model train board. Those are the large trains you see when you first come in the museum. Those locomotives were the pulling power behind our front trains for five years, and because of their age, it became more advantageous to purchase newer locomotives. Those locomotives, however, could cost over $300 each, but we found some on sale for under $200, and the indoor sale proved to be the amount we needed.

It is a busy time in the City of Newbern. With the culmination of another school year brings several opportunities for the children of the area to take advantage of some of our programs.

1st Jude Agee
2nd Robbie Bryant
3rd Linclon Bryant

1st Eli Agee
2nd Patience Bryant

2nd - 3rd
1st Jonah Agee
2nd Knowlon Gammon

4th - 5th
1st Caitlyn Melder

Middle School
1st Lydia Agee
2nd JP Gammon

High School
Carlton Willis

1st Carlton Willis
2nd Lydia Agee
3rd Eli Agee

On Feb 25, DCSS hosted the Harlem Legends. Many Newbern/Dyer Co citizens teamed up against the Legends to play a fundraiser game that benefited the college. The Legends also held a youth basketball skills class before the game, as well as a meet-and-greet session. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the game.

Newbern Girls Softball opening day was April 1.

The Air Evac helicopter surprised the girls by landing on the field right before Mayor Wright threw the first pitch to open the season.

Opening day for Newbern Cal Ripken Baseball will be April 8. Come support our youth and enjoy a game!

From day pastThis information being taken from a book written by Arahwana Hendren Ridens named the Dyer County and Newbern Tennessee, A history of the 39 earliest families in Dyer County. Part of this information was extracted from this publication, along with other documents and related stories and oral family histories. We continue with the entries of the McCorkle Diaries and what was entered about the from his perspective as a Newbern business owner. We pick up from our March 2017 issue.

July 1896, the temperature got to 98 degrees by the 30th!!

On August 1st there was a big Bob Taylor Day in Yorkville. (He was a candidate for governor) Over 5,000 people were on the grounds. Plenty to eat and good order. Rice Pierce and Jim McDearmon spoke in forenoon . It was a hot day -- about 100 degrees in the shade!