From Mayor Olen Parker

Depot Days was a great success with over 3,000 in attendance. Would like to thank all those involved for it success. I want to also thank all the departments for their help. Many volunteered personal time to make our City Festival a great success.

The Newbern Downtown Safe Room is now fully underway. Demolition of the old structure is complete, the topographical survey has been completed and the design drawings should be completed within the next few weeks.

The Newbern Elementary School Safe Room is completed and we are waiting on some final items such as the operational manual, Keypad Door Locks and minor operational items. We will hold a formal open house when items have been finished.

We were successful in obtaining the Canadian National Bloom America Grant in the Sum of $25,000 to provide blooming plants and trees from the York Street Crossing to the Jefferson Street Crossing. The drawings have been finalized and bid documents are being prepared for the plants. We will be underway in a few months.

We making progress on the Automated Meter Reading System.

New Pavilion / Amphitheater is complete on the depot dock. It is constructed to provide a place for community music and gathering. It has already been used to provide music to the public and we encourage other musical groups to call city hall and book a date and time at NO COST.

Reminder the online bill payment is completed working on the website and the Website is being updated. We also have a payment APP available for users of Android and I Phones. You can download from the city website.

Levelized Billing Program has been implemented. You can contact City Hall for more information related to this billing process. This is not equalized billing, but a process where utility cost are averaged each month over the prior 12 month period. This allows a more even revenue flow for the consumer.

We will be moving forward with the Downtown enhancement grant and have worked out the details with the funding and project locations. Currently we are awaiting TDOT to approve the Railroad Crossing Markings and Signage. Once this is done we should receive a notice to proceed. We hope to start taking bids within the next month.

We will be re-applying for the multi-modal grant that we have been unsuccessful in obtaining the last two years. Applications are due in December.

As most of you know we have obtained a new facility for the library and are working on several grant opportunities to assist in the cost deferral.

The Planning Commission has approved the construction of a Dollar General Plus Store to be located on the North Side of Hwy 77 at the intersection of Jones Street.

We would like to remember those who have passed from our community since our last meeting:

  • Ms. Betty Holder- Mitchell
  • Johnnie Sue Wheeler
  • Anita Lynn Lowe
  • Gloria June Johnson
  • Rev. Jerry Lee Northam
  • Mrs. Julie H. Ray
  • Debra Doedtman
  • "Kay" McDonald
  • Sherron Wyrick Newsom
  • Sonja Bennett
  • Donnie Ray Maddox
  • Ann Castleman
  • Peggy Jean Greer