From Mayor Olen Parker

The Newbern Downtown Safe Room has been fully approved and the property has been purchased, surveys are completed and the design drawings have been started. We hope to take bids on the Con-struction by October. Demolition of the what remains of the old building will begin in August.

The Newbern Elementary School Safe Room should be completed in the next weeks. We will coordinate a dedication service with the School.

We are still awaiting notification on the CDBG Funding to construct a new 250k gallon water tower in the Millsfield Area.

We were successful in obtaining the Canadian National Bloom America Grant in the Sum of $25,000 to provide blooming plants and trees from the York Street Crossing to the Jefferson Street Crossing. We are in the process of taking bids on the plantings and finalizing the drawings.

We making progress on the Automated Meter Reading System. Our current focus is on compatibility of software. This system will provide numerous billing and payment options to our customers.

Reminder the online bill payment is completed working on the website and the Website is being updated.

We will be moving forward with the Downtown enhancement grant and have worked out the details with the funding and project locations. We hope to start taking bids within the next month or so and construction to start sometime in October.

Would like to name those we have lost from the community since last meeting.

  • Charles Richardson (79) July 16
  • Louise Gatlin (91) July 03
  • Billy Michael Paul Tharp (36) June 19
  • Doris Keeling (72) June 20
  • Emma Ann Noah (0) June 25
  • Margret Huey (78) July 04
  • Betty Johnson (76) July 22
  • Michael Dennison (60) July 29
  • Glenda Climer (68) July 10
  • Buddy French (70) July 01
  • Tommy Ozment (75) June 20
  • Linda Crain (72) June 25
  • Hellen Summers (77) June 30
  • Roger Pollock (50) July 07
  • Rachel Bibbs (91) July 24

I apologize if I have missed any family. Our prayers go out to these families.