news-depotThe Newbern Depot Museum got off to a very good start, the first Saturday, in February, with 37 people coming by to visit. Among the new items was a new train board for the Lionel trains. This was constructed by city workers in January. The new board is 16 feet long, as compared to 12 feet long with the original board. The width remains five feet wide. The new board sits about 10 inches higher than the original, and now stands above the display cases. Here's thanking the city workers who constructed this, and we appreciate the job.

In addition, the museum is now concentrating on Newbern city history items that are not railroad related. We have a new display for the Newbern Glove Factory, which was in town, in the 1950s. Also, there is a display telling about the founding of Newbern, as a town, in 1858, and with the first store in the area, in 1851.  If you have any photos or items that you would like to donated, or loan, to the museum, let Lynn Willis know at 676-1870.  In other related news, Depot Days planning is underway. A new 5K race is planned, being completely on the east side of the railroad tracks. The exact route has not been laid out yet. Tentative plans call for the race to end at the Newbern Public Works building. The new route will reduce traffic issues, and keep runners away from Depot Days vendors setting up on Main Street between 8-9 am.