It’s that time of year again! Depot Days 2017 is upon us. We are all looking forward to the citizens and many guests that wil l b e coming in to our annual festival, now in its 25 th year. This is a great opportunity to showcase everything that Newbern has to offer and to spotlight our downtown businesses. This year will be especially exciting as we will have many of our downtown renovations complete that will help to create a better atmosphere for this wonderful occasion.

In other news, our consolidated dispatch center located within the saferoom behind City Hall will go live September 15 th . We will have the Newbern and Dyer County dispatch as well as 911 under one roof. This will help us to provide even better services to our citizens throughout Newbern and Dyer County. A big thank you goes out to Mayor Chris Young and Sheriff Jeff B ox for their cooperation in the monumental project.

Finally, our downtown renovation has been resumed and as many can tell the sidewalks and lighting on the southside of Main Street has been completed. After Depot Days we will be completing the sidewalks and lighting on the North side of Main Street . To further enhance the image and functionality of Newbern, the board of Aldermen approved the addition of new sidewalks as well as new lighting to extend to the four way stop at the intersection of Newbern Roellen Rd and Main Street. This will con nec t to the two grant projects we currently have in place to provide new lighting and sidewalks that will extend from Northview Middle school, down Main Street to Newbern Elementary and down Highway 77 to the Flower Valley Community. This will not only provide an avenue for pedestrian traffic but, with help promote safe and healthier lifestyles for all of our citizens.

In closing, I am greatly appreciative of the things we have been able to accomplish in the first 9 months of my term. We are funding large projects that will enhance the cities marketability for small business and industry, as well as promote a better quality of life for our citizens. Most importantly, we are accomplishing this by remaining fiscally conservative and keep our taxes and utility rates among the lowest in the area. A big thank you goes out to the Board of Alderman, our City employees, as well as our citizens for working together to create a better Newbern.

Sincerely, Mayor Justin A Wright