Well, it’s that time of year again. Schools are back in session and we say good bye to another summer. It is an exciting time for students and teachers alike to learn and to create new lifelong relationships. Even though it is called summer break, many of the students of our respective schools in Newbern took part in the Newbern Library’s Summer Reading Program to help grow their minds as well as their reading skills. Taking part in this program will help these students to maximize their potential as they return to school. Also, with the return of school comes the Fall sports season. I ask that you try to make to some of the events. It is a great opportunity not only to show your support but to also see our community at work.

As of August 1 st we are resuming, the sidewalk work downtown as part of our renovation project. I am currently exploring additional resources and grants to aid in the revitalization of downtown and we are seeing an uptick in small businesses coming to Newbern. I ask that you please support these businesses and shop local. Also if you are considering opening or relocating a business, I urge you to please contact me at City Hall. I would love the opportunity to assist you in any way possible and can provide you with resources to help you make your decision.

In closing, I am greatly encouraged by the support and ideas that the citizens of this town are generating. It is my goal as mayor to consistently improve the quality of life of all citizens that live here and all the patrons that visit Newbern. Your input can help make this goal a reality.

Mayor Justin Wrght