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The Jim Harber Story gives great details about another New Mexico saucer railway transport in 1949. In the summer of 1949, Jim Harber was eleven years old and lived on a farm in Newbern, Tennessee. The Illinois Central Railroad ran right through town. Jim’s fascination with steam engines once got him in the dog house when he hopped up on one of the freight trains that was sided at the local depot. It seems the train conductor caught him and paddled his behind good and proper, leaving him with a healthy dose engraved memory of the preceding events.

On this summer afternoon when Jim went into town, to once again check out the steam engine locomotive that had pulled off on the side spur. The train was about ten to fifteen cars long consisting mostly of box cars. Two flat cars were coupled behind the Tinder, one carried harvesting equipment but the other flat car is what really got Jim’s attention. Covered with a tightly drawn tarp was what appeared to him to be a large domed shaped object that protruded over the sides of the flat car by about a foot. In a still noticeable southern drawl, he asked the trainman standing next to the flat car, “What ya got on there”? He replied “That’s one of them Flying Saucer things”. His inquiries also revealed the craft had come from New Mexico and it was being transported to Washington D.C.

His curiosity got to him and he decided to investigate the flying saucer. The curious eleven year old boy climbed up onto the flat car and sneaked under the tarp. He found the craft to be slick as if waxed and upon tapping the side of the craft found that it sounded hollow, (it was estimated that the walls of the craft were about a quarter of an inch thick.) The disc was about 14 feet in diameter, like two inverted bowls coming together at a 20 - 25 degree angle. With the tightly drawn tarp, he only got a look at the under side. The color was gray like stainless steel, only darker. It was perfectly round and sat on three legs which were the same color as the craft.

The legs each sat in pie pan looking pods about one foot in diameter. There were no markings visible and no signs of damage. If the craft really came from New Mexico, the possible route the flat car could have taken, would have been across through Arkansas to Memphis where it was put on the Illinois Central track and brought up to Ohio (with a possible stop at Wright - Patterson Air Force Base) and sent on across to Washington, D.C. It’s not at all odd that freight going all the way through to some place like Washington would be routed through such a small side spur like Newbern, unless it was to avoid large cities and curious people. It only makes sense that if you wanted to transport something across country without drawing attention to it, then taking the least populated rural route might be your best bet.

HUM.... Elvis was here and now we have an eye - witness to Flying Saucers.

This town has quite a history. For more information on what we found... go to this website https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_flyingobjects46.htm