The Newbern Depot Museum held a very successful first - ever indoor yard sale in the depot's freight room, on the morning of April 1st, and on two other evening times. The sale generated around $500 for the depot museum. This is a tremendous success. We appreciate all who donated items, and all who came out to the sale. Proceeds from the event went to various museum projects, including the replacement of 40 - to 60 - year - old O - scale locomotives on the front model train board. Those are the large trains you see when you first come in the museum. Those locomotives were the pulling power behind our front trains for five years, and because of their age, it became more advantageous to purchase newer locomotives. Those locomotives, however, could cost over $300 each, but we found some on sale for under $200, and the indoor sale proved to be the amount we needed.

The trains in the back room, the HO - scale, had been refitted last year with city and private donation funds, and with funds from the very successful "Polar Express" show, in December. With the addition of a new HO - scale Amtrak train, purchased in part with sale money, our model railroads are now up to speed. These trains are our main drawing card.

Other items purchased have included new items in the display cases, and not all related to railroading, but to Newbern city history, as well. Our plans are to have another sale sometime in the future, and to have the "Polar Express" show on the weekend before Christmas this year.