Our Second Safe Room is now under underway and the completion of the structure is expected in early January. The interior of the structure will be the second phase of the project. Total completion should be by July of 2017. During this phase of the construction the entry courtyard will be completed allowing access from Main Street. The design will create a natural and staged slope to allow usage as an amphitheater.

The Downtown Enhancement Grant appears is almost complete. Lacking is the pavement, signage and striping of the parking spaces. I want to thank all the staff and departments for their additional work which made this project turn out greater than we ever imagined.

As most of you know we have obtained a new facility for the library. The Library Board has completed the Grant Applications and fund raising has begun.

Depot Days was a great success. Doubts were there early on, but the rain passed and the weather was better than we could have asked. There were over 1800 bracelets distributed for the drawings and we estimate between 2500-3000 in attendance over the entire day.

Not Officially Announced, but Newbern will be receiving a TDOT Multi Modal Grant to construct a sidewalk from McDonalds to Newbern Elementary School. This grant is in excess of $750,000. This was the 3rd year we applied and are now successful.

We are continuing the downtown renovation project by installing new sidewalks throughout all downtown and new lights which will match those in the triangle park.

I would like to express my concerns to the employees of Royal Plastic who were notified yesterday of the facility closing. I spoke with their corporate offices about 10:00 yesterday. Employees will be given a severance package and offers of relocation will be made. The facility will operate on a skeleton crew until all the equipment is relocated to other facilities.

Newbern has already begun communications with officials related to the facility, its employees, retraining and workforce opportunities. Newbern has been honored with Royal being a part of our community for numerous years and we will continue communications with them related to the building.

Next month new elected officials will be sworn in to fill the open positions on this board. This is my last full board meeting. I want to say a few words tonight, because next month the meeting should be focused on your new leadership.

From my years of public service as an Alderman, Civic Volunteer and Mayor, I have seen Newbern move further in the last 4 years than it had in the last twenty years. Not because I was elected Mayor, This is the results of commitment of the leadership who serve and volunteer their time, money and private lives to make things happen along with Newbern’s many dedicated employees.

These elected positions are not about status; or getting even, or settling a score, they are about dedication to serve the public, as needed and when needed, without questions and without being self-serving. When they do, results happen.

I deem it an honor to have served with these gentlemen and with former aldermen Tim Ware and Chris Smith who chose not to run during the last election.

I also want to commend the employees of Newbern and the Volunteers which make so many things happen. Each of them are dedicated and proud of this town. They have BLESSED me, allowing me to work alongside each of them on a daily basis.

I will become a regular citizen next month. These chairs should be filled with your representatives. They are here to assist you in any need or concern you may have. Progress is only an example of what can happen when your elected officials come together with one vision, and that vision should be to make Newbern one of the most desired places to live in the State of Tennessee.

This town has honored me, to allow be to serve as the towns senior representative over the last four years, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

* Please remember those who have passed from our community or has immediate family in the Newbern Area.

  • Jeanette Robinson
  • June Basham
  • Lena M. Sullivan
  • Harold Childrey
  • Dorothy Owens
  • Loretta Ramey
  • James Frazier
  • Tracy Vicary
  • Ann Weeks
  • Sherrie Revell
  • Jason Thompson
  • Sue Bullington
  • Danny Moore
  • J.Wayne Dozier
  • Gail Snelling
  • Rose McKee
  • Judy Faye
  • Clanton Staffor
  • Bonnie Greek
  • Louise Watson
  • John Bryant
  • Judy Lane
  • Glenda Blaylock