We will be letting the Bids on the 2nd Safe Room in the near future. The first bids were over budget and required some alterations. Some additional funding has been appropriated and the facility will be constructed as originally planned. The facility will house the City Courtroom and the 911 operations for Newbern and Dyer County.

The Downtown Enhancement Grant is underway. Ford Construction has been working on the project for over six weeks and appears to be running ahead of schedule.

We are making progress on the Automated Meter Reading System. We will be meeting with the consultant in two weeks and should have bids available by the June board meeting.

Just a reminder, for our customers to take advantage of the online bill payment system and the levelized billing program. You can get information on both at city hall.

As most of you know we have obtained a new facility for the library. The Library Board is completing the Grant Applications and fund raising will begin immediately.

Remind everyone the Oakview Pool is open and family and individual passes are available.

We have made additional Natural Gas Purchases which will maintain our deliverable availability for gas and maintain our current pricing through October of 2017.

Would like to thank all the city employees for their efforts, work ethics and implementation of time saving ideas that have benefited the citizens of Newbern. With their ongoing dedication we have managed to maintain our property tax and utility rates without any increases.

Please remember those who have passed from our community or has immediate family in the Newbern Area.

  • Milton Parnell
  • Ab Davis
  • Sephen Kellough
  • Michael Clanton
  • Roy White
  • Peggy Watson
  • Neveah Stow
  • Louise Harris
  • Dillon Davidson
  • Joe Rushing
  • Montez White
  • Carrie Johnson
  • Agnes Peirce
  • Sherry Cruse