This information being taken from a book written by Arahwana Hendren Ridens named the Dyer County and Newbern Tennessee, A history of the 39 earliest families in Dyer County. Part of this information was extracted from this publication, along with other documents and related stories and oral family histories. We continue with the entries of the McCorkle Diaries and what was entered about the from his perspective as a Newbern business owner. We pick up late in the year of 1887 and continue from our May 2016 issue.

In early 1887, locally a fine new wagon was advertised at a cost of $55.00 with 5% off for cash. Wheat was 67¢ per bushel. Gold was $20.65 a Troy Ounce, Crude Oil was 67cents per barrel. The Consumer Price Index for 1887 was 0%...ZERO.

On March 29th 1887, H. V. Wynne and Smith McCorkle laid off (surveyed) Addie Scott's homestead and dowry. 40 acres for the homestead and 80 acres for her dowry. She had moved from Trenton to Newbern in May of the previous year.

Improvements were needed on the roads outside Newbern. A committee met to arrange for building three bridges on the Trimble road, (now Sharpsferry Road) one of the bridges to go over Reeds Creek. J. M. Reed contracted to do the work for $1.63 per foot.

On September 29, there was an election for Prohibition. "Whiskey triumphed by 17,000 majority". Several hail and windstorms struck Newbern and crops suffered some damage. Soon, dry weather set in and for several weeks there was just an occasional shower to prevent a real drought. By September, Newbern was having to haul all the water used for the mills and streets from the springs on the road 2 miles east of town. (This was probably Harris Creek which crossed Ditmore Road about 1-1/2 miles from downtown.) Fires were causing much concern allover the county.

Mr. McCorkle wrote, "He swapped ZelIa Hensley's wagon and mule team to M. L. Moore for a house and lot in Newbern.

In November 1887, James R. Green was elected Mayor of Newbern and Sol Rice was voted Town Marshall. Aldermen were A. R. Pace with 160 votes; W. E. Johnston with 141 votes; C. A. Barger with 117; J. A. Hall with 113 votes; M. H. Dickey with 92 votes; and S. D. Wilson with 91 votes.

On December 9th, the stockholders of Newbern Bank (shown in the background) met at the Maxwell House and elected the following officers and directors to serve one year: H. C. Porter, President; W. C. Dickey, vice president; and director; J. Ira Jones, secretary and director. John E. McCorkle, B. R. Parks, M. C. Hamilton, W. J. Featherston, W. R. Moore, L. M. Williams were elected Directors. Q. Shumate was the cashier.

(The bank became Security Bank in years to come, the building is now the two story structure adjoining the Newbern Library. The GAP shown on the left is now called WiFi Alley. The sign attached on the left of the building advertises a Painless Dentist upstairs. A large photo of this image is hanging in City Hall.)

On the same day, Mr. McCorkle stated he sold 2900 acres of the Washington land to C. C. Mengel, Jr. and Brothers for $35,000. One third cash and the balance in 2 equal payments. This calculates to $12.69 per acre.