As of this writing, the Canadian National safety train "Little Obie" is scheduled to be in Newbern on Friday, June 24th, from 9 am till noon. We are going to try and have it at the Dyer County High School, but this location is not certain. Check back with our Facebook page at Newbern Depot Museum/Events page, and the Dyersburg State Gazette, along with paper post in the window at Newbern City Hall as time draws near.

Little Obie is a 44 foot-long train that kids can ride, normally after taking a kids railroad safety course. Operation Lifesaver, an organization that promotes railroad crossing safety, and safety around rail lines, is scheduled to be on hand to help with this event.

Little Obie will be a summer event for the Newbern Depot Museum, but the size of the train, along with the expected crowds, will require that we move it out of downtown Newbern. If you are willing to volunteer and help on this Friday, for crowd control, material handouts, and any other need that arises, please contact Lynn Willis at 731-676-1870, or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send a note to Newbern City Hall, and have them pass on the information to Lynn Willis. Any help is appreciated.