On April 02 we had two separate functions related to the 10th Anniversary of the April 02, 2006 Tornado which came through Dyer County and the Newbern Area.

The first was a Dedication of the Complete Newbern Elementary School Safe Room. This took place inside the facility at 2:00 pm.

The second was a candle lighting vigil which took place at 7:15 pm at the Depot Dock Pavilion.

There was a good turnout for each of these events and the families were very appreciative of the City and all the related Emergency Personnel for attending.

The Newbern Library hosted the Newbern Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 26th The turnout was very impressive with over 6000 eggs.

The Newbern Downtown Safe Room Final Floor Plan has been completed and bids are being advertised at this time for the construction.

The Downtown Enhancement Grant is underway. Ford Construction received the winning bid and a pre-bid conference will be held tomorrow with construction beginning within the next 30 days.

We are making progress on the Automated Meter Reading System. We will be meeting with the consultant in two weeks and should have bids available by the May board meeting.

Just a reminder, for our customers to take advantage of the online bill payment system and the levelized billing program. You can get information on both at City Hall.

As most of you know we have obtained a new facility for the library. The architect has developing the floor plan for bid purposes and the grand is nearing final approval. After that point we will go into the bid process.

We would like to remember those who have passed from our community since our last meeting.

  • Jon Eric Weldon
  • Steve Allen Warren
  • Mary Irene Sims
  • Mary Evelyn Akers
  • Dottie Duke
  • Carroll Baker Holland
  • Linda W. Hilliard
  • Jack Freeman