On April 13, the Kindergarten classes from Newbern Elementary went on a walking field trip to the Newbern Depot and the Library. At the Depot, they listened to Mr. Lynn Willis speak about the history of the depot (below) and took a walk through the Depot Museum. At the library, they listened as Ms. Janice read two books (left) and then browsed the bookshelves before returning to school.

On April 13, The students from Mrs. Stewart’s 2nd grade class joined us at City Hall for a conference with Mayor Parker. The students had been studying about ways to care for our Earth, and had written Mayor Parker letters encouraging him to take steps (such as recycling) to help Newbern care for our Earth. Mayor Parker commended the students on their suggestions and talked about programs the City has set up to help our citizens recycle. The students suggested that it was everyone’s job to keep our environment clean and they want everyone to participate in recycling whenever possible. For more information on how to recycle, contact City Hall.