From Mayor Olen Parker

The Newbern Downtown Safe Room is now fully underway. Soil tests have been completed, Final Floor Plan is being developed in conjunction with the 911 Board. The final drawings are now being completed.

The Newbern Elementary School Safe Room is completed and was used during the Tornado Warning on December 23rd. Approximately 75 individuals were signed in during the event. There are still several details to work out, but is now in operation.

We were successful in obtaining the Canadian National Bloom America Grant in the Sum of $25,000 to provide blooming plants and trees from the York Street Crossing to the Jefferson Street Crossing. Bids were taken on the plantings and exceeded the bid cap. At this point we will need to reevaluate the quantity of plants, adjust and rebid according.

We making progress on the Automated Meter Reading System. A Request for Proposals are planned be ready for issue in the next month.

Just a reminder, the online bill payment is completed. A payment app is available for users of Android and iPhones. You can download from the city website.

Newbern’s Levelized Utility Billing Program has been implemented. You can contact City Hall for more information related to this billing process. This is not equalized billing, but a process where utility cost are averaged each month over the prior 12 month period. This allows a more even revenue flow for the consumer.

We are moving forward with the Downtown enhancement grant and have worked out the details with the funding and project locations. We are still awaiting TDOT to approve the Railroad Crossing Markings and Signage. Once this is done we should receive a notice to proceed.

We re-applied for the multi-modal grant in November. The grant will be for a pedestrian and bicycle path from McDonalds down Hwy 77 to Little General and then to the South Side of the Elementary School. Total project cost is estimated at $1,000,000 and the city will be responsible for only 5% of the cost. We have cleared the first hurdle and our application is in Nashville. Newbern is one of twenty applications statewide under consideration. It will be early summer before we are notified if Newbern was successful.

As most of you know we have obtained a new facility for the library and approved to proceed with the grant assist in the cost deferral. We will be meeting with the Library Board to review the Request for Architectural Proposals. Once approved we will request presentations for architectural services and bid proposals on the facility.

TDOT has approved an Amtrak Day Train Study through the Tennessee Section of the Route. Illinois is already running a day train between Chicago and Carbondale. If the study deems to be financially sound to support, AMTRAK will provide an additional train, stopping in Newbern at 12:30 pm and 4:40 pm, running between Memphis and Carbondale Illinois.

We need to remember the Family of Noah Chamberlain, the 2 year old who went missing in Chester County and whose body was found a week later.

We would like to remember those who have passed from our community since our last meeting.

  • Rachel Henson
  • Jerry P. Putman
  • Parker Glen Tate
  • Green Smitheal
  • Jonathan Reynolds
  • Connie White
  • Cleo Whitley
  • Wayne Lamb
  • Carolyn Mallard
  • Evelyn Spencer
  • Joyce Chipman
  • Lou Suarez
  • "Benny" Nugent
  • Gertie DeSpain
  • Chris Harames
  • Jessie Mathis
  • Brenda Tate
  • J. L. Mustain
  • Dorothy Holland
  • Jo Ann Ladd
  • Alice Turner
  • William Peevyhouse
  • Katie Winchester
  • Kerry Leake
  • Joyce Franks
  • Gloria Johnson
  • Paul Webb
  • Lou Suarez
  • Lurlene Hummer
  • “Mr. Tom” Stewart
  • Sarah Rawden